Monday, December 9, 2013

Imperial Bastion Tactics

More and more of the lists I am writing these days include Bastions.  All 3 of my armies, (Dark Eldar, Daemons, and Dark Angels) have uses for them.  How many times have FMCs been caught on the ground and you lose one or two off the bat?  Or units that rely on psychic powers or jink saves to survive but without first turn there is no way to get those up? This is why people bring Bastions.  Its one major Drawback is its size, it is a big model, not very fun or easy to transport, (especially for those who use public transportation ) but it is becoming a staple for quite a few armies, perhaps almost as much as the Aegis Defense Line.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

1400 point Daemons List

So the Upcoming GBU escalation league match I am torn about what I should do to raise my points level.

My 1200pt list was
Daemon Prince-Slaanesh, Wings, Armor, 2 Greater Rewards and Mastery Level 3
10 Pink Horrors-Instrument
10 Pink Horrors Instrument
Daemon Prince-Tzeentch, Wings, Armor, Greater Reward, Exalted Reward Mastery Level 3

My choice comes down to adding a Keeper of Secrets with 2 Greater Rewards and bumping the Slaanesh Prince down to Heavy Support (and dropping the instruments) or Switching the Slaanesh Prince to a CSM Brand Prince and adding in a Heldrake, and squad of Cultists.

The mission is a king of the hill, literally king of the hill, the center of the board will have a hill and the side with the most units within 12" of the center score a point, and at the end whoever has the most points wins.  There is also some funky rules about no Vehicles within 12" of the center and no Flyers or FMCs ending their movement within 12".

The Heldrake adds another Flying threat, as well as a couple of AP3 Flamers, and an additional Scoring unit.  The Keeper Would bring me back to my "Core 1000" and net me and my team 2 guaranteed point for the overall standings as well as another CC beast for the mission, which the other team can't avoid because they will need to push towards the center

I am leaning towards the Keeper because it will give me the "Core" and it is a guaranteed 2 pts out of a possible 10, (the max is eight without the "Core" points)  Also the mission does not look so hot for vehicles so I probably will wait to add the Heldrake and Cultists until the 1600 stage

Monday, December 2, 2013

Firebase Support Cadre

So with GW Digitals Advent Calendar of Releases today's was a Firebase Support Cadre.  It follows Inquisition's Ally Rules, so it functions as a free Detachment that does not count against your Allies.  It also gives the required 6 Broadsides and Riptide Tank Hunters and Preferred Enemy Space Marines.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Librarians obsolete now?

With Codex Inquisition out allowing Imperials Access to cheap Psykers with Divination what use is there for Librarians any more?  Codex Marines get the biggest boost because now Imperial Fists(benefit the most) can get access to Prescience(and the rest of Divination) for their Devastators.  Ignores Cover on Tank Hunting Lascannons?  Not as reliable as one would hope, but Prescience on Tank Hunting Lascannons is scary enough

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

1750 Dark Angels vs Imperial Guard Battle Report

   I managed to get a game in tonight against an IG player who is very good and routinely places in the Top 5 at the local store.

I used my Deathwing list with the Lascannon Devastators and the Librarian (